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Samantha Black, the Designer of The
Samantha Black Collection, is returning
to Benicia Fashion Runway. Samantha
graduated from the prestigious Pratt
Institute in Brooklyn, NY in 2005 with a
BFA in fashion design. She interned for
Michael Kors, Jill Stuart and the late
Alexander McQueen.

The designer takes bits and pieces of
inspiration from everywhere and
everything as well as the designers
she’s been able to work for. She then
combines that with her own personal
style, personality and flavor, there by
producing her women’s Ready to Wear
line Samantha Black. Her goal is to
compliment those with style and to
enhance the style of others. With a wide
range of looks and separate’s she
hopes to appeal to the masses, but
mainly females like herself, Tomboys in
The Samantha Black line
embodies a unique flare that combines
bold prints, patterns and sensual lines
that is feminine and effortlessly
confident. The Samantha Black
collection speaks to a modern eclectic