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The temerity of Adrian Alicea is only
surpassed by the precise execution of
his vision. Adrian is the new romantic of
romantic excesses. Creating a piratelike
fairy-tale of disguises, he walks a
tightrope between ironic hedonistic
inclination and highly serious social
commentary. There is an insane
carcinogenic, merciless narcissism.

Adrian is an award-winning
fashion/costume designer and creative
director based in New York City. Born in
Puerto Rico, Adrian moved to NYC at
the age of three. In his teen years, he
would spend hours studying art; this
deep exploration of the human spirit
engendered an unrivaled love for
through dance.
At the age of
21, Rae Dawn
Adrian at the
iconic nightclub
The Tunnel and
invited him to
go to Paris and
walk for Thierry
couture show. From there his career
took off and with persistent effort
continued working with the masters of
Europe: Hermes, Giorgio Armani, Jean-
Paul Gaultier, Gianfranco Ferre,
Vivienne Westwood, and Patricia Fields
and graced the stage with notable
supermodels Naomi Campbell, Kate
Moss, Christy Turlington, Debra Shaw,
Veruschka von Lehndorff, Tyson
Beckford, Iman, and Marpessa Hennink.
In the late nineties Adrian met
Nico Urquiza and the House of Nico &
Adrian was born. Their partnership
eventually led to Linda Evangelista
gracing the 2003 September issue cover
of Italian Vogue with their iconic spiked
wrestling helmet. Marie Claire, Flaunt,
Numéro, Billboard, Vogue Russia, and
other prestigious publications
highlighted their high fashion editorials
soon afterward. The lens of Steven
Meisel and David LaChapelle
immortalized their inimitable style and
concepts. In due course, after a
beautiful engagement, both Nico and
Adrian decided to part ways amicably on
artistic grounds.
starting his own
brand Adrian
Alicea, Adrian’s
creativity began
to shift and take
on new forms,
culminating in
unique and
ideas for style
and fashion.